Guidelines 2017-2020

  • SPRC
  • Lay Leader
  • Trustees
  • Finance
  • Church Council
  • Nominations & Leadership
  • Stewardship

If you need a guideline pdf, please email to request a copy!

Local Church Leadership Job Descriptions from Discipleship Ministries (formerly GBOD)

GR District Leadership Council Grant Application

Michigan UMC Protection Policy & Forms ⇒ HERE

2017-2018 New Pastor’s Handbook ⇒ HERE

Local Church Records Retention

Certificate of Inclusion the The UMC Group Tax Exemption Ruling

To request a Certificate of Inclusion in the United Methodist Church Group Tax Exemption Ruling, please visit and follow the instructions as they are presented. The first couple of pages provides detailed information and FAQs. You will need to have the EIN on hand to begin the application. Along with the updated group ruling letter, you’ll receive a copy of the 1974 IRS Ruling and Publication 4573. The 1974 IRS Ruling gives GCFA the authority to administer the group ruling, and Publication 4573 provides more detailed information on group rulings.

GCFA Insurance Worksheet for Local Churches

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WMC Treasurer’s Office List of Approved Auditors

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Safety Resources from Church Mutual

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Crisis Management Training Workshop Resources

Free Tools to Protect Kids from Online Dangers

Chris McKenna (Cornerstone UMC member) has developed a website for parents who want to stay up-to-date on protecting their kids from online dangers: It includes: app risk profiles, 8 strategies for creating an Internet-safe home, and step-by-step instructions for using parental controls on the devices kids use. All free!

Michigan UMC Safe Sanctuary Child/Adult Protection Resources

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SPRC Handbook

SPRC & Clergy Transition Materials

Lewis Center for Church Leadership —> HERE

Sample Policies for Use in the Local Church

Click here to view sample job descriptions for the local church

dCOM Handbook

General Board of Church and Society 

Six Lanes of Giving: 2018 HERE

The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Partner Violence

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Conference Policy on Registered Adult Sexual Offenders