Challenge to Raise $16K for DS Cecilia from the Lofa District

Bill Haggard issues a challenge to GR District churches to raise $16k to buy Cecilia, DS Lofa District-Liberia Conference, a used truck! If this goal is reached, what might your church suggest Bill Haggard do to show the goal has been met?

“What could I do, (or have done to me!) that would spark your interest such that you would get busy and see that this mission is accomplished.”

Thank you for a good start on our project to provide a truck for Superintendent Cecilia serving the Lofa District of the UMC in Liberia.  A number of churches and individuals have engaged this project and we have again had a good start.

As I indicated in my initial letter (click HERE), we are looking to raise $16,000.00.  This money will provide Cecilia the used four-wheel drive vehicle she needs to do her work in the rouged back country of her district.  We are currently 1/16 of the way there!  Thanks to those who have given and thanks to those teams who are at work now raising funds.

I thought that perhaps I would see if I could make this journey a little more interesting.  Sometimes people who initiate projects like this say they are willing to do certain outlandish acts should people accomplish the goal.  Some have gone down water slides or have done something to their hair.  I have heard of a number of different activities.  I asked some people I know about what I might offer along these lines and they haven’t come up with anything too interesting yet.

SOOO, I’m asking you.  What could I do, (or have done to me!) that would spark your interest such that you would get busy and see that this mission is accomplished.  I’m willing to consider anything reasonable!   Please bear in mind I tend to faint at heights and am deathly afraid of snakes!!  But we are ready to receive other suggestions.  Those who give the most will have the most say in naming the activity!

I look forward to the fun we might have with this and more than that reaching our goal for Cecilia.

We will keep you informed as to the suggestions and where we are on the road to the goal.

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